Folbot Kayaks Video Shoot

We recently were tasked with creating a new video for our friends over at Folbot. We teamed up with Chris Campbell, the brains behind Campbell Photography Studio and also my brother, to develop a 2 min video of Folbots being used in different activities (paddling, fishing, and sailing). After a full day shooting in I’On, Hobcaw Creek, and Charleston Harbor, here is the quick video we developed.

Folbot Kayaks – Unfold New Adventures from Folbot Kayaks on Vimeo.

Much thanks to Chris for his hard work and collaboration with us, Mike Henry for stepping up to the plate and being our experienced sailing talent for the day, and to Scott Peckham, Eric Thome, and Bill Turner, the owners/partners over at Folbot for also helping out with organizing, brainstorming and also being the experienced paddlers/fishermen in the video.