Flying High on Air Yessian

So Theodore took Tyler and I up in a Cessna 172 (SkyHawk 2 variant) and flew us around Kiawah, Folly and Downtown. Theodore, who has 80hrs in the air, did an amazing job flying. Smoothest landing ever, even with NE winds blowing 15-20mph! Thoroughly impressed! Let it be known I did pound three beers before takeoff… and a Tequila shot afterwards at Seanachai (awesome Irish pub in Johns Island)…

A little bit about the Cessna 172:

  • It had ashtrays in it and smelled like my Grandmothers Attic
  • This model Cessna has been in production since 1956. I think ours was built in the 70s (the interior looked like disco pants).
  • It is the most popular Aircraft in history.
  • It holds the “World Flight Endurance Record”
  • The militaries of Iraq, Lithuania, and Singapore, among 12 other nations, use Skyhawks in their National Air Force.


Here is a gallery of some of the images I captured. So. Much. Fun.