The beginning of this past fall marked new territory for the Blue Ion crew. Lip gloss!

Flickable is a brand of lip gloss that’s non-stick, cruelty free, made in the USA and (most importantly) looks amazing. Trust us…it’s lab tested, Laura and Lauren approved. What more could you want?

Flickable was a fun project because it caused me to bring out the feminine side. This all black wearing, boot toting brute had to get glam and pink – with lots of POP. Although a challenge, it was abundantly fun in discovering out how this seemingly static – out of the 80’s world – would move and function.

Below is an early sketch for the concept that was presented at a very early stage in the process.


I then designed what would become the first draft of the homepage – printed it out and scribbled my Christmas wishlist for the programmers to decide what they could afford in time and budget.


After edits and deliberation – the final design was created (snippets)


The final steps were in creating the animations and parallaxes throughout the site, which you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate unless you click HERE.

Now – come get some POPS!