Find a Place to Call Home in WNC

That’s exactly what the Witherspoon Platt + Associates (WPA) team is determined to do if you’re searching for real estate in Western North Carolina. We were fortunate enough to take part in their rebranding process and then develop a website that properly portrays their true identity.

I’m tempted to ramble on – telling you what WPA is, how they got started and what they’re about today – but why do so when these words have already been so eloquently spoken by our pro, in-house wordsmith, Jenny Badman. Take it from here Jenny…

About WPA

As a full service, conservation-focused real estate brokerage, we connect people to the beauty, history, and culture of Western North Carolina through both the built environment and land protection. Established custom-home architects Platt Architecture created the innovative and groundbreaking firm Conservation Advisors of North Carolina in 1998 to help landowners in Western North Carolina protect and conserve their valuable mountain properties; now, Conservation Advisors has grown into a unique and progressive real estate brokerage: Witherspoon Platt + Associates.

The WPA Manifesto

We call ourselves lucky to live in Western North Carolina – among ancient, well-worn mountains, waterfalls, sage-sloped valleys, rivers, and hidden creeks, forests and open meadows.

Not only because of this place’s intrinsic beauty but also because we’re part of its enduring story of days and seasons, first frosts and crimson falls, springs thaws and sun-soaked summers, afternoon thunderstorms and morning fog.

We find that people come to this part of the world for all kinds of reasons. Wanderlust. Fly fishing. Epic sunsets. Biking. Golf. Good people. Down time. Fun times. Peace. And a search for something they can’t quite name.

That search is the reason why we do what we do. From strapping on muddy boots and scouting property, determining exactly how and where a home can adapt or live like an extension of the land itself, or listening intently to a client’s needs and dreams, we’re committed to the real, daily work of serving people, of late nights on the computer and early mornings with contractors, because the end result is a place someone calls home, here.

Our roots in and knowledge of this special place – its secret, sacred spaces, its ravines and hollows and pastures and mountains, its people, history, and culture – are exceeded only by our love for connecting others to it.

Because to live here is to be constantly immersed in beauty – standing under the pounding cold power of Courthouse Falls, trekking along the knobs of Art Loeb trail, listening to the whippoorwill’s song – and devoting ourselves to its preservation. Not just because we want our children and grandchildren to see what we see – but because we simply can’t imagine a world without this place.

What we realized is that all of our exploring, hiking, fishing, talking, porch sittin’, beer drinking, music listening, and blackberry picking is just as much an internal journey as it is an external one. And it’s our duty to share that journey with everyone we meet.

We’ve come to know that this piece of land, this home, this place, this answer that we all seek is a personal, emotional, and soulful connection to something far greater than ourselves – and something quite simple. It’s understanding that as much as we want the land to belong to us, we first, and always, belong to it.

Witherspoon Platt + Associates
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