Enhanced Campaigns, Help Me Help You

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

AdWords new Enhanced campaigns have been introduced in order to make mobile device targeting easier to setup and manage, as well as reduce the number of campaigns an advertiser has running by consolidating device specific campaigns into one. At least, this is what I’ve been able to gather, so please share additional reasons if you’ve come across them. All of this is fine and dandy as long as the amount of control an advertiser has from a targeting (device & location) and bidding standpoint is maintained. However, I think the advertiser has lost a bit of control. In order to get some of that control back, I would like to see the following changes/updates made:

1.) Mobile Bid Adjustments by Location

Why? So that we can keep campaigns consolidated, but treat “mobile” users differently than desktop users. Every account has different campaign goals, so this may not make sense in every case, but in my opinion, the majority of mobile users tend to have a local search intent, so it may make sense to target a smaller area than what the campaign is targeting as a whole. For example, if I’m targeting South Carolina, but have a brick and mortar shop in Charleston, it would be nice to so specify that I only want to target mobile users in Charleston, rather than having to opt into all of SC. In order to accomplish this now, you would need to setup two different campaigns, one for SC & one for Charleston each with different mobile bid adjustments.

2.) Mobile Bid Adjustments at the Keyword Level

AdWords has already announced that they will be rolling out mobile bid adjustments at the ad group level, which gives the advertiser that much more control over bids, but why not the keyword level? What if one keyword is generating a ton of calls but not a handful of other keywords? We don’t want to pause them altogether because they are performing well on desktop. Am I supposed to rely on that ad group level bid to capitalize on this? Allow us to set mobile bid adjustments at the keyword level.

3.) Combine ‘Computers’ & ‘Tablets’ when Segmenting by Device

With Enhanced campaigns, you are required to opt into “Desktop & Tablet” device targeting (combined) during setup, with the option to target mobile devices. Since this is the case, why treat Desktops and Tablets differently on the reporting side when you have no ability to make actionable changes to each independently? It’d be nice if AdWords bucketed “Desktops & Tablets” together when segmenting by device. The only way to currently accomplish this is by exporting to excel and manually combining the two.

Some of these changes/updates may make AdWords that much more complicated, but I think Google has already accomplished this by starting down the “Enhanced” path. Thoughts?