Your Daily Need-to-Know, at 6am

6AM City is the machine behind the daily newsletter you receive if you live in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, or Asheville – we know you’re subscribed and if you’re not, you should be.

6AM kicked off with launching in Greenville, which you can read an earlier post about how we helped with planning & building the GVLtoday website.

They’ve since launched their daily newsletter in Columbia, Charleston and Asheville plus more markets planned for the future. And of course, we’ve been there to support them along the way.

One of the key pieces of functionality for the original GVLtoday website was setting it up on a “multi-site” platform so that it’d be easy to replicate for new markets moving forward; all managed in the backend by their team.

We’ve since implemented some new tools. Potential advertisers now have the ability to submit & pay for an event listing, home listing or job listing directly from the website. So if you’re located in one of the above noted markets and you’re trying to get a little more attention for an event, job or home, I’d suggest listing it on one of the 6AM sites.

As always with this crew, much more to come in the future.