CRO for LAW: Don’t Settle(ment), Test for More Leads

If you’ve ran any sort of paid search advertising for law firms, you know it’s not cheap. You could easily spend thousands of dollars on any given day. Given the competitive and pricey search environment that attorneys compete in, it’s super important that the site or landing page you’re driving traffic to is as healthy as can be.

How do you know if your site is healthy? At Blue Ion, we like to test, test and test again. Launch a landing page to get a base or average conversion rate, then create two or three different variants to see which generates the “healthiest” conversion rate.

How do you know what to test? You can create drastically different variants or focus in on one element – a different image or different button color. Try adding a survey to your site to get visitor feedback or interview employees and/or past clients. For this particular test, we sent a survey to all employees. Below are some of the questions we asked:

  • What are frequently asked questions by potential clients?
  • What do you ask potential clients to make sure the case is worth pursuing?
  • Do more quality cases come in from contact form submissions, emails or phone calls?
  • What type of questions should we ask on a contact form to pre-qualify a potential client?

What do I do with this information? We received awesome responses. When starting to sketch/wireframe out new page variants, we had a “content checklist” that we made sure to address. We learned that potential clients didn’t want to get bombarded with huge paragraphs of text, they want to know who will be handling their case, they want to know how good you are and what type of settlements you’ve won in the past. We also learned that phone calls were the best type of contact method, so we made sure to put this front and center.

What could this new page look like? Wireframe it!


Then what? Once you are satisfied with your wireframe, go ahead and get the new variant designed and programmed so that both your control and variant are ready to go


How do I test in a measurable way? Now that you have your variant(s) setup, it’s time to launch the experiment. We like to use Google Analytics Content Experiments, but there are plenty of tools/sites out there that offer similar services. With Google Anlytics, you name your experiment, choose the pages you want to test, select a goal to measure success and add a new piece of code to your Control page (the standard GA tracking code should be on all pages.)

What were the results? 44 days, 529 visits and 7 leads.


Our Variant won! This is now the new Personal Injury page, although we are testing a newer layout… of course.

Question Time! What’s your process when setting up experiments? What other tools or websites do you use to run experiments? What other type of “wins” have you come across when marketing for law firms?