ConvergeSC Conference


Looking forward to the upcoming ConvergeSC in Columbia on June 27. It should be a fun gathering of interactive types (strategy, design, technology, business, etc.) and I’ll do my best to keep the crowd entertained during a quick 30 minute session on Experience Design. Right now I’m pulling together some good examples for the basic points I’d like to share.

If you have any good examples/cases (actual interactive materials like websites, applications, kiosks, etc.) for the elements below, please comment and share. I’ll work them into the presentation. Below are the main points that I’m looking to cover.

1. Story = Examples of great story telling, either on a meta level (overall brand) or on supporting levels. Stories can be subtle, or not.

2. Participation = Experiences that allow users to truly immerse themselves and participate, rather than just observe.

3. Utility = Sites or other applications that function as highly useful tools…thereby providing unique brand experiences (one easy example is Nike+).

4. Simplexity = Interactive applications that demonstrate the power of simplicity…and complexity.

5. Design = Richly designed, carefully crafted experiences that make them easy to use while drawing out emotion and more.

I’ll post some notes after the presentation…or link to the actual piece (as it will not be in linear slide format). Hope to see you there.