Charleston’s Opportunity Next

On April 29th the Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) and its allies will unveil the Opportunity Next plan at a public launch event. If you’re at all interested about where the region’s economy is heading, please attend. The economic development plan and program has been in the works for at least six months, and you’ll hear from some of the key project leaders. In short, the region’s economic outlook is bright and the plan is to continue building on its current strengths by harnessing the energy and leadership of those in the business, public and non-profit sectors.

We were honored to play a role on the Advisory Board and are particularly excited about the continued emphasis on the Creative Industries as a major competency/focus for the region. Working with a nice new logo from the team at Stitch Design, Nicola designed the following event website to share the news. Check it out and hope to see you there.