Charlestonly Relaunch

We recently relaunched the Charlestonly site for our friends at the Charleston CVB. In addition to a totally new design, there’s some some fun stuff going on under the hood to support their editorial efforts.


Charlestonly originally launched to support the first (of three and counting) “Best City” awards from Conde Nast Traveler. In addition to the video celebrating the award, the content was centered around their voting categories.

It was also the Charleston CVB’s first real “blog”- and our hope was that it would grow to become an editorial hub for all things Charleston – separate but part of their core sites that are focused on connecting visitors with our hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

This latest iteration is a realization of our original goal for the Charlestonly site – a true editorial hub and platform for the Charleston CVB. Led by their editorial director, Ida Becker, the new site has features, photography, and styling normally reserved for a magazine – and is a fresh departure from typical content you see from CVBs.

Charlestonly Post

The site itself is built in WordPress, and uses our own Zach Schnackel’s “basey theme” and some custom tools and CSS trickery:

  • Guides are built with custom post types, and includes a user-friendly way for the editors to add in all the links that are featured in the post
  • The photo gallery allows site publishers to highlight the best imagery from across all the posts and features
  • For mobile and tablet users, we implemented an off-canvas navigation to maximize the screen space and ensure the content and imagery if front and center


Go check it out at Charlestonly.com and sign up for weekly or monthly recaps of the best content.