Charleston Open Source Launch

During the recent DigSouth conference a new brand was launched for the Charleston tech industry…. Charleston Open Source. It’s the outcome of a push by the Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) and a number of local tech companies to build awareness and interest in our beloved industry here. The sector is cranking, so much so that companies are struggling to find the talent to fill all the open positions. Hence…a campaign to recruit more talented workers to pack their bags for CHS, find your perfect spot, and enjoy all that comes with living and working in CHS.

The Charleston Open Source theme is driven by two realities of the tech industry here. First, it’s woven into and inspired by the larger fabric of the area…tech thrives along side the outdoors, history, cuisine, recreation, urban design, arts and culture, complementary industry, tourism and more. And second, it’s characterized by a uniquely collaborative spirit among the companies based and working here. You’ll find them connecting at work, outside of work, sharing resources and ideas, and moving our agenda forward. We’re all part of something larger here, and working to push technology and great living further.

We designed the website as a vehicle for featuring real-life stories of Charleston’s tech professionals…why they moved to CHS, what they love about working and living here, what they do on their spare time, why they wouldn’t be anywhere else. We also feature job-seeker resources on the site (links to job listings, companies, news, events, etc.) so prospective applicants can get their search on.

The overall campaign launch was a collaborative effort in itself, with the CRDA, Blue Ion, Stitch and Obviouslee working together to craft an approach, identity, website, print/display/merch, launch event, ongoing marketing and more. It’s been fun to work with such a diverse team of great people, and keep an eye out for additional layers and programming as we catch our breath and move forward.