Charleston Inspired Reskin

We recently “re-launched” the getinspired charleston site as Charleston Inspired.

Charleston Inspired is an emotionally shared vision of the community – a reminder why we live, work, and play here. The site supports this vision with inspired stories, ways to get involved, and opportunities to purchase inspired gear.

The relaunch gave us the opportunity to update the entire look and feel of the site, along with some minor navigation and functionality tweaks.

Making big style changes on an all-flash site is never fun, but thanks to our crack developers, updating the site was a breeze.

If you’re interested in learning more or submitting an inspired story, visit charlestoninspired.com or the Charleston Inspired blog.

Here are a few detail shots of the updates.

1. Home Page (still the same, but color changes and nav updates)

2. New Partners Section (showcasing the inspired partners)

3. Details of color changes (pretty much every color and style was tweaked)

4. Inspired stories (some great new stories in here – make sure to read them and submit your own.