Charleston Explorers

Picking up on Katie’s post about the new Charleston Family Fun effort, here’s some additional scoop on the Charleston Explorers program.

It’s an adventurous way for kids (and parents) to plug into all that Charleston offers, have fun while learning a few things, and earn prizes. The first step? Just hit up an official Visitor’s Center to get your free Charleston Explorers pack. Included in said pack is a list of all participating attractions (there are many), a sticker, instructions and…most importantly…the passport. Here’s a picture of the one I got this past weekend….artfully shot on a Visitor’s Center sofa.

From there, each attraction that you visit will result in a new stamp in your passport. Each stamp has a unique code per attraction, so you can then login to the website through mobile or desktop and register your visits. As you accumulate more attraction visits, you earn more loot. Pretty easy.

We had fun working the CVB team and partners to come up with the Explorers program….and props to their marketing team for orchestrating the program and developing the registration package and gift materials. Stay tuned for new features to come, and get your Explorers signed up soon.