Can I get a taste?




Having any role in a big-budget movie is exciting, no matter how small. I imagine it must feel a lot like one of the ushers at the Masters that holds up the “Quiet Please” signs. Sure, he’s on the green and gets a t-shirt for his hard work, but at the end of the tourney he loses his STFU sign and goes back to his full-time job of yelling at those damn kids to get off his lawn.

We’ve been tasked with creating a little buzz around the Transformers movie on the Force Protection website. Images and video clips have been pouring in from Paramount and we’ve been given pretty free-reign to do what we like, save that anything we do gets run past them first before we post it.

We also got a hold of some advance toy images. Seems like some of the figures are already being sold on e-bay… the rest of us have to wait until June 1st to get our hands on them legitimately. The photography on the toy concept artwork looks strikingly familiar.