Building Mega Deck

In continuation of the DIY fun from my last post, I wanted to update with my latest and possibly most painful project. I built on top of the boring ol’ slab of concrete in my backyard with a ginormous 30′ x 26′ floating platform deck.

Also amidst the construction, I also built an outdoor dining table complete with channels cut out in the middle for beer and ice buckets. Both projects came together just in time for two of my good friends’ engagement party I offered to host. They turned out to be a huge hit, most of our time was spent congregating on the deck and eventually in some spirited rounds of flip cup on my newly built table

Here are some progress shots!

(FYI: I’ve had so much fun building furniture over the past few weeks that I’ve decided to start building furniture for friends and family, check out my side project, Port City Craftsman, over on Instagram!