Blue Ion Search Engine Optimization Examples

I wanted to brag a bit about some of our search engine optimization efforts. Over the last couple years, we’ve been gradually ramping up these services for select clients, and it’s time to share some stories with the outside world.

Here are a few screen grabs from their Google Analytics accounts. Names and numbers changed to protect the innocent. I listed they “type” of site above each graph. Below this image is a bit more info on our approach.

One of our advantages over “pure” search engine optimization companies is having direct access to our client sites since we host and maintain them. Being able to brainstorm ideas and implement them immediately is a luxury other agencies don’t have.

We’re also integrating search marketing efforts in the early stages of a project.  Keyword research, Google trends for Web sites, Google Insights for search, and other competitive research can (and should) inform site architecture, copy development, internal linking, and many other aspects of developing a site (or marketing program).

Additionally, we place a huge priority on tracking our efforts back to goals. Not just “are we ranked #1 yet?” but tracing an increase in organic (or paid) traffic back to leads, sales, PDF download, etc. This is part of a long-term approach that places an emphasis on results over ego-boosting rankings.

One last point: search engine marketing is just one piece of the bigger pie that is your marketing program. If you’re relying on that one key word ranking for your traffic, look out. You can’t guarantee it will stay that way, just as we can’t guarantee to rank you #1 for keyword x.

So while we encourage our clients to think about search engine marketing, it’s in the context of their overall business and marketing strategy. There are plenty of other digital and traditional marketing channels that deserve the same care and attention (and we help with those too, by the way).