Blue Ion New Year’s Resolutions

2016, is here and along with the fireworks and hassle of having to buy a new planner comes the promise for self improvement  and/or silly resolutions-mostly silly resolutions. We asked the team to share their goals for 2016 and several of our more ambitious or indecisive team members had multiple items on their to-do lists. It looks like this is going to shape up to be a fun year at Blue Ion. Cheers 2016!

Rich Yessian

  • Fly myself to the Bahamas. 
  • Get better speaking Spanish.
  • Get better at the sax. 
  • Pick up piano again. 


Nic Lauretano

  • Fly with Rich to the Bahamas.


Tyler Pate

  • Begin all of my personal design projects that I keep putting off. One example is to do 100 paintings in 4 months. Paintings will be my take/version of cartoons that I grew up to.
  • Also try to get in on the trip to the Bahamas.


Robert Prioleau

  • Hit at least 25 states in the Travelmaster RV…without breaking down.
  • Perform lounge act while Rich plays the piano.


Brian Dadin

  • Find a hobby that doesn’t involve a computer. Please write suggestions in comments.


Erin Spencer 

  • Try to read as many books as Netflix shows I watch.


Jason Gillespie

  • Get my passport.
  • Beat Chris Simpson in ping pong.


Jenny Badman

  • More yoga and outside time, less screen time.
  • Go on a writing retreat.


Casey Gold

  • See how big I can get my beard before my wife tells me to shave it.


Chris Simpson

  • More camping trips.
  • Build a set of cabinets.
  • Squat 400 pounds.
  • Grow my beard bigger than Casey’s.


Ansley Jones

  • Squat 400 pounds.
  • Grow my beard bigger than Casey’s.
  • Write a blog post.


Matt Bailey

  • Be here in this moment.


Lauren Stitely Cook

  • Spoil my dog. More.
  • Learn to do a headstand. On purpose. 
  • Create 50 new recipes for the cookbook I am writing. Current count: 2.
  • Wear less makeup.


Greg Lantz

  • See live music at least once per month.


David Wood

  • To eat curry more than 6 times a week.
  • To shoot in the 70’s.
  • To give up news.
  • To play and work with reckless abandon.
  • To master the art of copy/paste.


Dan Pressly

  • Step 1: Acquire all remaining gear necessary to go backpacking. 
  • Step 2: Go backpacking and get lost for a while. 
  • Paint myself like one of those French girls. (Unrelated to steps 1 & 2.)


Bennett Coleman 

  • Finish my official ranking of all of Nicolas Cage’s best works.