Blue Ion Mobile

Blue Ion Mobile Screens

This week we proudly launched a mobile version of our website. As many programmers already know, mobile development is an entirely new and challenging arena. With hundreds of mobile devices available in the marketplace (each with varying browsers, screen resolutions, capabilities and operating systems) we are presented with a daunting task. How do we build a “one size fits all” mobile site?

This is a question that we will ponder for the foreseeable future. Sure, we could have created a few pages with text and images and it would have worked on nearly all devices. But we decided we wanted a little more … something with pizzazz … something that would emulate the apps we enjoy on our iPhones.

Based on Chris Simpson’s logarithmic analytic queries, the iPhone and Android devices are the two most popular devices used for mobile browsing. We were able to emulate the behavior of iPhone apps while targeting the two most popular devices. It was a perfect choice for us and we are happy with the results.

It is a particularly exciting time to be an interactive agency. With the mobile explosion and the constant improvements in technology, we find that we must be able to evolve and adapt quickly. And we do. Every day presents a new challenge and a new way of thinking. While exhausting at times, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Oh yeah. And I am looking very forward to seeing Flash on the Android devices. They won’t need a Blue Ion mobile site :)!