Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer 2019 Edition

It’s that time of year again. The days are long, the temperatures are high and we’re as busy as ever here in the Blue Ion office. This recipe always makes for some great overheard conversations. So, please enjoy these Blue Ion Blurbs, Summer 2019 Edition. As always, these have been provided to you, our devoted blog readers, in an anonymous fashion to protect those of us with a sensitive demeanor and without any context because we like to keep you guessing. Please feel free to guess who said what in the comments. We won’t confirm or deny any guesses but we’ll enjoy the interaction.

“So what happens if you heat up popcorn that’s already been popped?”

“Long story… she got woke.”

“I wanted to see a blue duck so I drew a blue duck.”

“Big Thursday night at Outback?”

“What will be remembered as the day I played Pitbull over the office speakers.”

“I like the music even though I’m wearing headphones.”

“Sometimes when I wake up with a really bad hangover, I really just want to get a hair cut.”

“Throw some schema on it.”

“I don’t want the government telling me how I can and can’t get swole.”

“You go back to Michigan for a bit and come back all high and mighty?”

“32/m/wherever you want”

“Sorry I’m late. I stepped in sh*t.”

“Did you say you cried at the Sisqo concert?”

“I hope you don’t have any edits because I just got this as a back tattoo.”

“I call the tequila.”

“Welcome back. It’s like we never left.”