Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer ’18 Edition

A single leaf has fallen here in Charleston and the Starbucks PSLs have returned to the menu which can only mean one thing: It’s almost fall y’all. The arrival of a new season offers a wonderful time to reflect on our younger selves and to recall our most precious memories in recent days. So, here you have it: Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer ’18 Edition. As always, these gems of overheard conversation in our office are provided to you, our loyal readers, with no context whatsoever because it’s more cryptic and funny that way.


“Is Slack not a secure storage medium?”

“Have you seen any barbeque competition sites you like?”

“Believe it or not, I bought this at Ann Taylor Loft in the sale section in 2010.”

“I was treated like sexist!”

“Now I’m gonna Google fart scroll.”

“God made thongs on the 8th day.”

“I’ve been looking for this avocado everywhere!”

“I am enjoying these instrumental Wu Tang songs.”

“I think the technology is advanced enough at this stage that you just yell blockchain and things get recorded.”

“Is Rasputin on brand?”

“What is it about the feet that foot fetish people are attracted to?”

“Just don’t do plastic surgery. People will love you for you.”

“I love it because all of the drama is in the baking and not in the people.”

“Like Tinder but your pants stay on.”

“I think I finally answered the question of how many nuts is too many nuts.”