Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer ’17 Edition

Friends, it’s been too long. The people have spoken. You miss our little overheards, so here they are: our Blue Ion Blurbs: Summer ’17 Edition. Here at Blue Ion, we’ve stayed pretty busy this summer with projects, apparently disregarded swimsuit season (see all the foodie chatter below), obsessed over the return of GOT and busted out some showtunes soundtracks – as one does.

As always, these are provided to you, our loyal blog readers, with anonymity and no context because it’s more fun that way. Feel free to venture guesses as to who said what in the comments.

“So the design needs to have a Scottish vibe?”


“When I went to Olive Garden I did not feel like family.”

“I’m listening to the Annie broadway soundtrack.”

“Dress for the meeting you want not the meeting you have.”

“Yea we have a gravy-erator… So what.”

“I need to program a slackbot response for man ankles.”

“I’ve never had a crock pot meal I didn’t like.”

“Does it have Tony Danza in it? If not, I’m not watching it.”

“Is Sears still a thing?”

“Couldn’t find the client’s office so we’ve been at the bar all afternoon.”

“One word. DROGON.”

If you’ve made it this far and you cracked a smile, giggled or just weren’t generally weirded out might we suggest you check out our job post. Our crew can use someone like you.