Blue Ion Blurbs – January Edition

We had so much fun sharing things overheard in our office in December we just had to do it again. Obviously, the creative juices were really flowing in January.

*Quotations are kept anonymous to protect the identity of those at the office and encourage utterances likes these to continue. Feel free to make guesses as to who said what in the comments.

“I went to Trader Joes the other day and was frankly astounded and thrilled by their beef jerky selection.”

“You know, casual office toe touches. That’s what Casey and I do under the table.”

“I just want to sell my body.”  “What??”  “Dude I meant my camera body– but I do like to keep my career options open.”

“NASA is the reason I have trust issues. First they took away Pluto now theres ‘allegedly’ a new planet.”

“I still have my palate expander.”

“What would Creed do?”

“I figured Leonardo DiCaprio was more of a cool ranch Doritos guy.”

“What do you mean what am I going to do with this? I’m going to impress the internet!”