Blue Ion Blurbs: February 2018 Edition

If you’re like us, you probably feel like the month of January seemed to go on forever. Despite those 31 days feeling like 3 revolutions around the sun (translates to 3 years for the non-sciency folk), as always we had some fun here at Blue Ion. We frolicked in the snow, saw dark horse brands become tech leaders, discovered new investment opportunities and made an honest effort to class up the joint. We’ve recorded some of those laughs and gaffs here for you, our loyal readers.  As always, these overheard gems are provided to you with no context to protect the anonymity of those in the office and because it’s 100% more fun that way.

“I see you’re trying to make the office fancier. Want to discuss a new water filtration system?”

“Where should we go?” “Not too far of a walk. I move like an injured gazelle.”

“I knew I felt anthrax-y.”

“We need to break up with them.” “I don’t know if we ever went out with them.”

“So KFC is a tech leader.”

“So the bar definitely has a cougar, ‘I’m going out’ vibe. You know, like rhinestone jeans.”

“My stomach was feeling pretty upset so I took 6 Jåger shots.”

“I’m high on life and Dr Pepper.”

“Close and easy.” “Is that your Tinder bio?”

“I’m still trying to find a sugar grandma.”

“I’m so glad I bought a bunch of bitcoin last month. That’ll keep me safe.”

Do you have a favorite cryptocurrency, a winning Tinder strategy or a preferred water filtration system? Let us know in the comments.