Blue Ion Blurbs: Feb ’17 Edition

Well friends, we’ve made it through the first month of to 2017. I think now is as good time as any that we share some “overheards” from the new year. A food theme seemed to have developed in the last month. Either everyone has abandoned new year’s resolutions already or it’s just me hearing what I want to hear when I jot these down – is it lunchtime yet? Oh, and we’re hiring! Check the jobs category of the blog for opportunities to be a part of the gang that provides these thought-provoking musings on a daily basis.

As always, these are provided to you, our loyal blog readers, with anonymity and very little context because it’s more fun that way.

“OK, babies, now let’s get in formation.”

“The tickling wormhole is getting bigger.”

“What are leftover Girl Scout cookies?”

“Jenny’s copy made me want to run outside and roll in the mud…obviously with beer in hand.”

“I have an idea…Let’s add lunchmeat.”

“Just left a puky dog bed in the front door trash can of a trucker motel.”

“We need 100% more floating hamburger icons.”

“Why are you making a payment online?” “Your mom wants me to pay online.”

“How will I know what time it is now that the microwave is broken?”

“We’re hiring, asshole.”