Blue Ion Blurbs: Fall ’17 Edition

The weather is cooling off (some days), the leaves have begun to fall, and the BI crew is busy as ever completing some major projects. Of course, some things never change – among those treasured constants? Our dear Blue Ion Blurbs, provided to you without context or personal identifiers because it’s more fun that way.

“First date (meeting) went well.”

“I generally have a hard time with that. In the morning when I take my first sips of water, I usually spill it all over myself.”

“Wow. She is all grown up and totally nude.”

“‘Activations’ are my new favorite thing.”

“A lot of the music you play makes me feel nervous.”

“Calgon, take me away.”

“Slack needs to get on dem fresh emojis.”

“I should probably stop doing my al qaeda joke I guess.”

“Is this that butt song?”

“Dixie’ll do it cuz Dixie dont care?”

“I like your plaid.”

And finally, we leave you with this entirely normal parting phrase:

“Be fertile this fall.”