Blue Ion Blurbs: April Edition

April was a good month here at Blue Ion. Some of us went to a conference to expand our knowledge, we tossed around decorating ideas, revisited high school memories, & kept the office fully stocked with baked goods.

*Comments are kept anonymous to protect the identity of those at the office and to encourage these utterances to continue.

“There are cookies on the bar… in between the donuts, peanut butter balls and cupcakes.”

“Can we get the carpet from The Shining for the office?”

“Was that Lauren that made all that noise?” “No that was the dog. Lauren isn’t laying on the floor whining.”

“I love click through rates. CTR is what they used to call me in high school.”

“If you aren’t back in a couple of hours we’ll send a St. Bernard with a Gatorade around his neck.”

“I’d mow that grass.”

“Have fun at the conference. Remember: Get drunk and take chances!”