Biz Card Memories

Was digging through stuff today and stumbled across my first ad agency biz card…from back in ’92. I’m glad I saved it, as it brings back good memories of GSD&M and Austin. I learned a ton while at the agency, thanks to Glenda (green business and marketing), Karen (how to get my ass in gear), Roy (business/marketing strategy and pitching) and the combo of Mark/Bryan (guiding strategy and creative efforts, and the many ways you can be hazed by a Creative Director).

It was a funny experience in many ways…I was coming out of the MBA program at Univ of Texas and had some decent business/marketing strategy skills, but I was starting at the bottom (and thus the only person in my class to make less money coming out of grad school than going in) and had no idea how the place worked. Agencies want bodies that can keep the machine rolling. I had no idea what Traffic did, how to fill out an insertion order, or what the hell separations were (still don’t). But they were good times, and being in Austin didn’t hurt a bit. Go Horns.

PS: note the early ’90s go-getter addition of my middle initial. Very Trump.