Bing Making A Run For #2?


I’ve been turning to Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, as a legitimate alternative to Google. I like the interface, it delivers on results, and has some nice features. The new service has been getting good reviews from the tech community and is poised to give Yahoo a run for its money for the number two slot. That won’t be easy, as it will take time and continued effort to catch up as MSN floundered for so long.

The interface is a nice balance between Google’s anti-design and Yahoo’s cluttered home page. I like the more visual experience (shot of the day) as well as the tighter presentation of results, especially the format for image results. Bing was also the first engine to index tweets.

Reliable (3rd party) reports on search traffic are still pending…given that Bing only rolled out in May…but it will be interesting to see how it’s impacted Microsoft’s share of the search market. While Yahoo is rumored to be working on a new beta…I’m sold on Bing for the #2 slot.