Bike Dispenser


Given our love of all things Velocipedian, here’s a cool program from Amsterdam developed by a company called bikedispenser.com (this website is not that helpful…aren’t all sites supposed to be in English?). The idea is to help facilitate bike rentals in urban areas….where cyclists pay a small fee to hire a ride, take it where they please, and then return it to any machine around town. To help prevent “permanent rentals” they fit the bikes with RFID tags, so they can track you down.

Paris has its own cool new bike rental system called Velib (i can’t read this site either). It’s a self service system where you rent and return any of the 10,000+ bikes in any of 750 locations all around Paris. Apparently you can even rent a small French dog to mount on the handlebars.



While we wait for our made in the USA knockoff…here’s a two wheeled program that those in the ad biz can get behind. It’s called AdRide Bicycles and offers a smart alternative to the mobile billboards being pulled by particulate-spewing trucks on many metro streets. Best of all, interns could be used to push them around all day.