Best of London

We’ve had four great days here in London, with plenty to see and do and not-so-miserable weather to enjoy along the way. The list of recos is too long, and the list of things we didn’t get at even longer. That said, here’s a definitive best-of list for those planning their escape:

(1) Borough Market – amazing open-air food market chock full of hand made, high quality eats.


(2) Spitalfields City Farm – an urban farm/oasis in the middle of this crazy busy and big town. I only wish it had been later spring or summer when all the flowers are out to accompany the animals, gardens and school/kid programs. Every city (hint) needs one of these.


(3) Brick Lane Market/Petticoat Market – near Spitalfields above the city center…this Sunday market is way better than the Portabello version (overrated) with great finds, food and people. Also a much cooler surrounding hood.


(4) Windsor Castle – the Queen’s favorite home (she was there when we visited), first constructed by William the Conqueror, and a great small town outside of London.


(5) Wagamama – not the same caliber of destination as the others, but equally important. Lots of good chow in London, but this was a once-a-day stop (good thing there are so many around). We need this in CHS.