Begin of Beard Extravaganza

RY’s beard has been growing since November… with very little trimming for the last few months. Usually it’s off by now for concern over the sweltering heat and when the NJ Devils end up losing in the NHL playoffs (far too often over the past few years).

This year, we’re trying something different. We’re letting EVERYONE have a hand in trimming this unsightly facebush. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be accepting design shaves using the Blue Ion Shave-O-Matic. Go there to start shaving RY and submit your design for the first round. Keep in mind, we’ll be trying to gradually get a clean face, so nothing too dramatic to start. We’d like to extend it for the weeks ahead.

RY will be wearing these designs around town, knowing that he’s gotta represent the design chosen.

Come back often for updates of how the beard has been shaved, and visit the Shave-O-Matic every once in a while to enter the next round.

This is what you’re currently working with:

Castro prepares his guerillas

Castro prepares.

Trim that bush!

The bush to be trimmed.