Be an American

Time to take a step back from all of the social networks and grooming posts of the past week and do some shameless plugging for a few clients with online stores.

• First up is Folbot, where for this month only you can get Free Shipping on any order over $500. Not bad, considering snagging a folding kayak will easily make you eligible. Start paddling!

• Next is the Charleston Angler, where for this week only you can get 25% Off all apparel items in the store. Be like JC and sport some crocs! Be sure to enter coupon code: 25OFF

• Finally is Arcadia Publishing – although they’re not currently running a promotion, you can take advantage of their no-strings-attached standard Free Shipping and pick up a book about the town you live in/fell in love with/want to know more about. Hit the Catalog Search

Do your part… increase the consumer confidence metric and spend some of that government rebate check. Heck, grab a Fish’n’Photo Edisto, an Angler Tshirt to wear, and a book to read on Charleston while you wait for the fish to bite this summer.

Yeah, that’s right, I used an animated gif. You love it