Bald Faced vs. Bold Faced

Today there was some debate over the correct use of the term “bald face liar.” To settle the point, and help guide future workplace discussions, here is the official word on usage (it’s official because it comes from WikiAnswers):

The correct usage is bald-faced lie, but I seriously doubt it has always been that way, as to say someone has a bald face is just plain silly. It probably was bold-face or something similar in the time of Shakespeare and has, like so much English phraseology, become distorted with use, regional accents, laziness, etc. and it can only get worse with the internet and the apparent willingness to write anything as a substitute for everything in the name of typing speed.

The phrase can either be used as bold-faced lie, as in someone with a bold enough face to lie (bold meaning daring) or someone bold enough to lie to your face; it can also be used as bald-faced lie, where the older meaning of bald (meaning uncovered or unconcealed) – the more correct usage with this term is bare-faced lie.

I’m not sure about their comment regarding “….it can only get worse with the internet…” That’s absurd.