AT&T Business Class(less)

Everyone has horror stories when it comes to big, monopolistic, soulless companies. It’s a theme that reverberates throughout the internet…. posting flames about some do-wrong, feelings of helplessness, bitching about the lack of effort or care, and finally, satisfaction of leaving the business for good. This story is not much different from others you may have read about, or had happen to you personally. But I feel it’s my duty to post yet another horror story, and those that know me(us) personally will hopefully understand that it’s well worth dumping AT&T as soon as possible. 

So it takes 3 of you to screw us?
So it takes 3 of you idiots to screw things up?

Blue Ion has been using Bellsouth/AT&T for many years now for our phone service (and most of the time for DSL). Honestly, it was the only option many years ago, and as others came about, I was too lazy to really find something better.

On almost every occasion of us moving offices, AT&T has screwed something up. The most recent move a month or so ago, they failed to get our DSL service moved. Hours on the phone with different people, being told the most ridiculous excuses or “solutions”, and days going by without anything getting fixed. It took them 4 days to get our DSL running, despite it being a 10 minute fix by a technician, once they agreed to send someone. This wasn’t some issue with resetting the modem, or configuring some settings… it had to do with AT&T screwing up the move order and not provisioning our line with DSL. And then dozens of people I talked to still could not help resolve it quickly.

Hey Lady, youre not helpful at all!
Hey lady, you suck at customer support!

Despite all this, we also were told after the fact, that the new location had one of the slowest DSL speeds they had (1.5mbps downspeed). Thanks for telling us that before the move! This was not something that was going to suffice.

The good news is that we finally switched to Comcast Business service, which is a whopping 16mbps down/2mbps up, which AT&T cannot (and will not ever) be able to match. We also switched to Comcast’s Digital Voice, and had great results, from the install (keeping the same phone numbers taken over from AT&T), and even having the rollover of lines/voicemail to blow away the problems that had plagued us with AT&T. Not to mention…. COMCAST IS SO MUCH CHEAPER FOR BETTER SERVICE THAT AT&T!


Are you really this happy that AT&T screws you over?
Are you really this happy that AT&T screws you over?

Now, I’m not going to completely assume that Comcast is void of bad stories, or bad service at times. I can’t vouch that I may someday change my tune. But I must PLEAD with everyone that uses AT&T…. you can’t do worse… and you can only possibly do better. You HAVE TO switch away from AT&T.

The last straw has been that despite tons of discussions about what AT&T would do (prior to our moving to Comcast), the best I was given was a refund of 4 days of DSL service (~$27)! I guess the thousands we lost in work/revenue doesn’t bother AT&T, despite selling their service as the solutions for small businesses. They now have billed me $500 for “breaking” some contract that I know nothing about, considering we had been with them for 7 years. I had a very ungrateful/unhelpful customer service person and supervisor basically telling me that they remedied the downtime with the $27 credit.


Are you really smiling, or grimacing in pain?
Are you really smiling, or grimacing in pain?

I have estimated that over the 7+ years of being with AT&T, we have spent over $30,000. I guess the last $500 they may (or may not) get from us, is worth more to them than that.

I personally will offer anyone that asks for my help, to consult them on moving from AT&T to Comcast for internet AND phone service. It was truly very simple, better service, and will save you tons of money. Lastly, you won’t ever have to deal with a terrible, uncaring company such as AT&T ever again. Well…. at least until Verizon gets the iPhone..  and I then I’ll switch that over as well.