At last!

May 9th. That’s when we began this project. Four months later…our client arrives with a huge box of liquor! Turns out it takes a lot of time and a lot of modifications to receive full approval from the government on liquor labels (put this here, but not so big, put that there, but not so small. Change this word so it doesn’t sound like this one thing, but make absolutely certain it doesn’t sound like this one other thing).

You may remember when we designed wine labels for the house wines at Maverick Southern Kitchens. Now they’ve created their own line of house spirits (but not like the ones found here). Along with their sommelier-extraordinaire, the Maverick team  literally crafted each of these spirits to achieve the highest quality and flavor (we can attest to this – we opened some).

So get to High Cotton Charleston, Slightly North of Broad, Old Village Post House, and High Cotton Greenville to try out the  Gin, Vodka, Berry Vodka, Citrus Vodka, Bourbon, Rum, & Tequila!