Are YOU ready to PUKE!?

I SAID.. “ARE YOU READY TO PUKE?!” …. [ cheers of approval ]

So, a few months ago, RY was on his way to Florida, when he decided to stop and play in his soccer game that he was supposed to miss. 10 minutes into the game, just as he was receiving a pass in front of the net, a punk ass goalkeeper, with no regard for clean play, dove into his knee to block the ball before he received it.
The result: A popping sound -> ACL and MCL tears

Two months later, RY goes under to have a cadaver tendon put in to repair the ACL. The above presentation is an excerpt from his actual surgery. That’s one sexy knee!

Watch and learn. Soon YOU TOO can perform your own knee surgeries!

The fortunate part of all this is, during this procedure, the doctor examined the ACL and determined it started healing..only happening in about 5% of cases where it is believed the ACL is completely torn and needs surgery.

Get your barf bags out!