Ansley’s Top 5 Reggae Albums of ALL TIME!!!

What up Y’all’s!

You could say that Reggae is my passion, my life, my everything! So I just wanted to share my list of the most badass Reggae albums of all time yo! Seriously, pop in one of these bad boys and just chill…

5) Bob Marley’s Legend

This is my jam yo! Who needs all those other albums he made, these be the hitz yo!



4) SIZZLA – Praise Ye Jah

Nothing to say here. Album cover says it all Y’all



3) Inner Circle – BAD BOYS

COPS! Everybody loves watching Cops!



2) UB40 – Greatest Hits

THIS! This is the absolute jam! Its like sipping on a mimosa in the sun yo!


1) SNOW – 12 Inches of Snow

Informer… Informer, you no say “daddy, me Snow, me I’ll go blame”
A licky boom-boom down
Detective-mon said daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane
A licky boom-boom down