Ansley’s Belated Blog Post: Part 1

Well, I’ve lapped myself in the office blog writing circuit which means it’s BOGO in terms of posts written by me this week. After several blog topic suggestions from the office peeps ranging from pictures of my dog to “Top 5 Reasons I Voted for Donald J. Trump” (I didn’t), I’ve decided to ignore their advice and make a list because everyone loves lists.

Here’s a list of things that I don’t like:

1. Celery: it’s the devil’s vegetable

2. Drinking cold drinks out of cups that are made for hot drinks: you know who you are.

3. Ads: good thing I don’t work for an ad agency

4. Running into someone I only kind of know in public: do I wave?

5. Fake cockroaches: why?

6. When people use their middle finger to navigate touch screens: you have a pointer finger for a reason

7. Real cockroaches: no explanation necessary

8. Reggae music: that sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby

9. When a DVD won’t let me skip to the main menu: I still watch DVDs

10. Being told it’s time for bed: I’m an adult, I can make these complicated decisions for myself

11. Euron Greyjoy: such a boring villain

12. Being tickled: I will karate chop you

13. Nasty feet: keep ’em covered

14. The smell of mulch: I’m gagging just thinking about it

15. The word “mulch”: at least the name matches the smell

16. Mankles: almost as bad as nasty feet

17. Lists that end on a random number