Andy Kessler and Deathbowl to Downtown

Earlier this week street skateboarding pioneer Andy Kessler died from a heart attack caused by an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. He was the “godfather” of skating in the city, and given all the events and trauma in his life it’s bizzare and tragic that his life was cut short by a sting.

Kessler is featured in the documentary “Deathbowl to Downtown,” which tells the story the New York City street skateboarding scene. It’s been running in advance screenings and should be out on DVD soon. You’ll find clips on the site…and the New York Times has a good write up and cut from the movie (Kessler describing the joy of riding the streets) here. The documentary looks amazing (nice site too).

Kessler worked actively to create skate parks around the New York area and beyond. You can do the same in SC by supporting Pour It Now.