And so it begins – Game Day 1

Always the best time of year — Stanley Cup Playoffs begin.

My NJ Devils had a extremely STRONG regular season, which included the BEST GOALTENDER OF ALL TIME, Martin Broduer, reaching the milestone of 552 wins to surpass Patrick Roy as the winningest goalie of all time. After suffering an early season injury (torn bicep), he came back with 17 games left and quickly picked up the wins needed to be on top. Broduer is also a few shutouts shy of the most shutouts of any goal ever. And currently has the lowest Goals Against Average, Save Percentage of goalies.

However, the Devils slowed down and had some struggling for a stretch of games near the end. But in the playoffs and playing good hockey, anything can happen!

The Devils take on Carolina in the first round. This start to the playoffs also mark the beginning of my playoff beard… basically starting growth and not being shaved until my team is ousted from the playoffs (NOT going to happen) or win the Cup. A potentially LONG ordeal, considering NHL Playoffs is a season and a soap opera on its own…lasting 3 months…each of the round best of 7 series and 4 rounds thru the finals.


Meanwhile, in standard fashion, a trend brought on by our dearly missed Buster, our newest mascot and good luck charm, Brutus, will be pushing for the Devils. Here he is sporting his colors in the office today.



 The Slinky Brutus

The Slinky Brutus