Afaxys 2.0+

Over the past few months we’ve been working with the teams at Afaxys and Touchpoint Communications on updated marketing programs and materials for the brand. Afaxys is a strategic sourcing company that serves public health centers across the country. Since 2005 they’ve run a group purchasing program which provides their members with affordable, reliable access to the mission-critical products and services they need to care for patients.

Public health centers and safety net family planning providers are often the only medical resources for the uninsured, underinsured and poor…and they are constantly forced to do more for less. Afaxys was designed to support these providers, so they can serve the growing number of people who rely on them for affordable health care.

The latest materials include a new Afaxys “corporate” website that introduces the company and mission, and an update of the group purchasing program (GPO) website that serves the members. About 90% of the functionality of the GPO website is behind the login, where members can search through a robust product database, confirm pricing and ordering information, participate in forecasting surveys, and access training and educational materials (all of which is maintained by a custom CMS for the Afaxys team). Accompanying the two websites will be a custom CRM (customer relationship management) system that we developed to allow Afaxys to better manage their membership information and communications efforts.

Congrats and thanks to the great team at Afaxys and Touchpoint, we’re proud to be part of such a great mission and cause.