Adwords Search Specialized Ads

While creating new AdWords ads for a client yesterday I stumbled across ‘Search – Specialized’ ads. I have not seen these before and was surprised when I did not find a single article about these while snooping around on the search engines, Google specifically.

It looks like AdWords now provides a simplified way to promote ads on Google Image search as well as promote videos on YouTube.

Google AdWords Search Specialized Ads

With AdWords Image Search ads, you create a standard text ad, but you also append an image that will appear next to the ad:

Google AdWords Search Specialized Image Search Ads

I have not had a chance to test the True-View In-Search ads, but will update the post when I do.

True-View In-Search ads allow you to promote your YouTube videos by displaying a thumbnail & and standard text ad within YouTube search (from what I understand.) AdWords has made it very simple to find the videos you’d like to promote by allowing you to search for videos within the AdWords interface by channel or video title.

Google AdWords True-View In-Search Ads

Once finding your video, you are able to create a standard text ad which will be accompanied by a screen shot of your choosing.

Please share in the comments section below if you’ve had a chance to implement or have additional information.