AdWords Search Funnels

The long wait is finally over! No, I’m not talking about our recent move into 301, but what I am talking about is Google’s new release of Search Funnels. This new feature helps you understand the ad click & impression behavior that leads up to a conversion.

Hopefully, this will help with the question, “Why is this outstanding keyword not converting… or is it?” Search Funnels reports will identify:

  • assisted conversions
  • assist clicks & impressions – applies assists to clicks & impressions that lead to a conversion
  • first & last click analysis – show the number of conversions with a first click or last click from each campaign, adgroup or keyword
  • time lag – amount of time it takes a customer to convert after seeing or clicking your ad
  • path length – avg. number of clicks & impressions prior to conversion

AdWords Search Funnels are currently rolling out gradually to all AdWords accounts & will appear in the ‘conversions’ section under the ‘reporting’ tab. So, all you professional search engine marketers, let me know what you think about Google’s new feature.