A “BEE”wildering Lunch

What started off as an ordinary lunch on Monday quickly turned into what can only be described as a nightmare.

The scene: Early Monday afternoon 4 members of the BI crew, unaware of the danger that lies ahead of them, venture “south of the border”…… of Downtown and North Charleston…. to Santi’s, a favorite lunchtime hangout. While discussing how to increase productivity in the office, our meal became suddenly interrupted by the ominous “buzz” of a swarm of not one, but two yellow jackets. Although the details of escaping this terrifying encounter are still a blur, we did manage to leave with one more hand full of complementary chips and salsa, seeking refuge in a nearby 2-door pickup truck. With a bit of quick thinking and decisive action we managed to survive the senseless attack. To date everyone at BI seems to “BEE” recovering just nicely.

Below is a forensic-artists recreation of the scene early Monday afternoon.