7 Ways To Be A Rad Dad

For such a small crew, we have no shortage of Dad’s. Matter of fact, 35% of Blue Ionites are Dad’s. Dad’s can come in the form of many types of humans – some related, some friends, some mentors, all gingers, all races, all kinds of kinds. And if you’re looking to become a Dad, know that it is hard work, but here are some tips to help get you prepared:

  1. Dig up more patience than you ever thought possible.
  2. Surrender your body to a jungle gym basically from day 1.
  3. Get creative with things to do since everyone runs to when they are “booooored.”
  4. Learn the latest dance moves on YouTube.
  5. Hand over your wallet more than you’d like to admit.
  6. Watch that new Pixar movie, even if it’s about a rat.
  7. Never stop trying – to love, to nurture, to keep talking, to listen, to dig deep on long days, and to give it 100%…and then some.

How our crew spent Father’s Day with their knuckleheads

Chris Simpson and his sons Brayden and Cohen abrupted the peace at the Creekside Pool.

Brian Dadin and his daughters Aila and Eliza performed death-defying stunts at Wild Blue Ropes.


Nic Lauretano and his kiddos Sybastian and Luna chowed down on some BBQ and then destroyed each other in video games.


Robert Prioleau and his daughter Isabel (back right) cruised the creek around Wadmalaw Island.


David Wood and his daughters Maddie and Avery got all dolled up. And then promptly went back to middle school summer camp attire.


Kyle Mensing and his daughter Odessa Grace (“OG”) went to the zoo, refused to look at the camera, and blamed their farts on the monkeys.


Casey Gold and his son Callen tried to eat all the sand on Folly Beach and then resorted to a bottle.


And like any holiday, Father’s Day isn’t a carefree, easy day for everyone. Please know that we see you and we are sending some light your way. And maybe these pics will bring some joy too. xo