4 Reasons Why Designers are the Worst Friends to Have

We all have that one friend…and if you don’t, you may very well BE that one friend. You know, the one with the Graphic Design or Art Degree (psshh.. how will those guys ever find jobs anyways…). Well, here are 4 reasons they’re the worst friends to have.

(Ps – Read the “About the Author” section)

1. They’re always picking out terrible/awesome font choices.


So you’re walking around King St with your designer friend and he/she stops to point out every sign with a good or bad font. They usually know the name and could tell you a font that would’ve looked better. Annoying right?

Okay, to be fair, they DO stare at fonts all day long. I guess it’s kinda their job. I guess it’d be like an electrician walking by a light fixture and pointing out the shoddy wiring…or the label font being Papyrus. Either way, it drives us nuts, am I right!?

2. They’re usually Bearded wearing Plaid, or Scarved with Nerd Glasses.


* Photo: @JustinPervorse (one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with)

I mean, come on, buy a razor for Pete’s sake! And they make other shirts that aren’t plaid. And ladies, come on…Lenny Kravitz called and wants his giant scarf back. And those fake nerd glasses aren’t fooling anyone.

3. They’re the first to point out terrible designs, and they “could’ve done it better.”


Again with the unwarranted design critique? Not everyone is as interested in good graphic design as you are. I’m sure the CEO’s 10 year old son did the best job he could using Microsoft Paint to make that banner ad.

4. They’re most likely beer/wine/coffee aficionados and can often be found on a fixed gear bicycle.


“Pssh.. Starbucks? My palette is much more advanced, I only drink coffee that’s been aged in oak casks for 200 years and filtered through coffee beans hand-picked by Monks in the rainforests…” I mean, find another hobby, ya hippies! And a fixed gear bike, let’s spend money on a bike that’s HARDER to ride.

The Takeaway

Designers are the worst…so be patient with them and let them have their crazy quirks. You just might need something designed one day, or need a good recommendation for an $85 bag of coffee beans.


About the Author


Bennett is a bearded, plaid-wearing designer who can usually be found drinking craft beer or handmade coffee drinks and riding around town on his fixed-gear bike. He loves pointing out fonts and critiquing terrible designs found on websites or print materials around town.