30 Days No Drinking? No Thank You… Maybe

Piggy backing off of Jenny’s post, “Thanks, Cheers & New Years“, I came into 2014 with my own workout and diet resolutions. More so workout and just a general, “let’s try to eat a bit healthier and maybe keep the drinking to the weekends…”. We all know how that usually turns out, you start out strong, maybe last for a week, but eventually that “excitement/momentum” usually starts to fade, especially if you don’t think you are seeing results. The following is a recap and results from my 30-day workout and diet experience.

I started working out at Crossfit James Island in November. I felt like I needed a bit more accountability, team-ish like atmosphere/motivation and personal training aspect to make sure I’m being pushed everyday. However, with Thanksgiving & Christmas running interference, it was hard to get into a solid grove when first starting out.

30 Day Workout / Diet
Moving into January, I was able to get a solid workout schedule down, usually attending Crossfit 4-5 times a week, with some soccer in there as well. The real game changer, however, was when Crossfit introduced the Whole30 Challenge. This is essentially the Paleo diet for 30 straight days. I really had no idea what Paleo was. I’ve never been on a diet, nor really believed in the notion of it. I always thought that if you eat/drink in moderation, you should be fine. I still believe this, it’s just easier to believe than actually practice. Pretty much the whole gym participated, so I thought I would give it a go.

Success was based on four components:

  1. Waist measurement
  2. Workout improvement – We had a “check-in” workout before the diet started, which we would then run the same workout at the end of the 30 days to see if there was any improvement. The workout consisted of 5 rounds of ‘200m run, 10 pull-ups and 15 front squats at 95lbs’.
  3. Before & after photo
  4. Overall state of health and well being

Waist Measurement – 2 inches off the waist.

Workout – I completed the “check-in” workout in 17:34min. I completed the same workout in 13:51min at the end of the 30 days, shaving almost a full 4 minutes off my original time.

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Before / After
Before / After

Did you jump into 2014 with similar resolutions? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you?