28 Days Later: Recycling

No, we’re not talking brain-eating Zombies. But this story is liable to give you a fright. 28 Days after initiating a recycling program in our office, it seems there is a lack of effort in actually GETTING the recyclable goods to the plant.

When questioned on the subject, newly appointed Vice President of Recycling at Blue Ion, CS, was unable to be reached for comment. His office did release this statement:

“The difficult part is not INITIATING the recycling program. Or PUTTING recyclable goods in the bins. It’s the actual RECYCLING part that has been difficult. And that’s the most important PART of the Recycling program. We will do a better job.”

Similar to the Great Trash Take-Out fiasco at Wentworth Street, it seems the Recycling Program may need some re-tooling. Perhaps some assignments of who is to take it to be recycled on a regular basis. Or even Intern JTPI.

This photo says it all.

State of Affairs: Recyling