13 Years of Brian Dadin ?

It’s a special day here at Blue Ion because we are celebrating 13 years of Brian Dadin here at Blue Ion. We polled the crowd and rounded up 13 of our favorite things about Brian and a few trends emerged. It seems that if you need a snack recommendation, some serious technical knowledge dropped on you, a dress up partner in crime (see the gallery below) or, you know, just a super dependable human, he’s your man. Thanks for being awesome and kicking it with us for 13 rotations around the sun Brian.

  1. There is Brian’s abundant kindness, intelligence, sense of humor, loyalty, all-knowingness and playfulness. But perhaps the most amazing thing about Brian is all of the amazing stuff that you don’t know he does, the things he does without a word, often behind the scenes, often worrying when few others are. He is good and true and an unbelievable friend.
  2. He is patient and incredibly dependable.
  3. A true friend, a great dad and just an awesome human being. Brian is the shit yo!
  4. After my crazy foster dog jumped off the office portico, Brian came to the scene on King Street, helped me ward off three cops and a hysterical woman, and rode in the trunk of my car holding onto my drooling, bloody pup until we arrived the vet. He stayed there with me and the dog until the vet gave me an “ok”, and he also gave a statement to the police and animal control (who followed us to the vet).
  5. You can always count on him to laugh at your jokes, even if they are not funny.
  6. He knows his way around a Costco.
  7. Brian is an all-around awesome and irreplaceable member of the Blue Ion family. Always willing to help, a great listener and always down for a lunch outing or happy hour. Can’t imagine a Blue Ion without him.
  8. He is a snack connoisseur.
  9. Brian came to my birthday happy hour after I’d only been at Blue Ion for only a couple months. I’ll never forget how nice I thought it was that he came.
  10. He participates in all extracurricular activities.
  11. His technical knowledge always impresses me. He always has an answer or a solution to whatever problem you are facing. If he doesn’t know off the top of his head he works with you until it’s figured out. Plus he always knows when CVS has 2 for 1 on cans of Pringles.
  12. Brian is super dependable, patient, and always willing to help – plus he has some sweet photoshop skills.
  13. Brian pulled me out of a bar one night……didn’t leave a man behind. I’ll never forget.