10 Years of Simpson

Two weeks past we celebrated a MAJOR milestone for both Chris and Blue Ion – his 10th Anniversary as a rock star marketeer, team member, ringleader and friend.

How would I describe his impact on Blue Ion? Well, quite simply this business or brand would not be what it is today (or yesterday) without him. He embodies all the values we all value – great attitude and lots of it, varied interests, never ending curiosity (and comments) about everything, serious skillz at breakdancing and goalkeeping, and the ability to lead, build and work with our crazy team. For 10 years he’s been making us and the clients we work with stronger and better.

As for the anniversary party itself? Pretty stellar…the sweetest venue on all of CHS harbor, a fire pit and trampoline, delicious bbq and homemade ice cream sammies, a rolling hula hoop diving contest, front yard camping with an early morning sprinkler wake up, and a next day lost dogs search and rescue party.

Cheers to you, Chris…for 10 years of awesome. Thanks for all.